About Us

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“The Duck and Cat: Sunset on the Green”

Ducat Green Consulting is a partnership between wife and husband Lisa Ducat and Nigel Green that combines over forty years of Management, Design, IT, Social Work, Politics, and Writing experience into one comprehensive and professional package.

We want to be able to help support the good work of small to medium-sized organisations. Our experience working for non-government and in the social-profit sector is that many of these groups run on “the smell of an oily rag”. The people in them are committed, focussed, but sometimes lacking in certain areas of expertise.

We can help plug these gaps and we don’t cost the Earth. We know our limitations and if you ask us for something we can’t do – we’ll tell you from the outset and do our best to direct you towards those who can. Our focus is on ensuring that you get the very best service possible, as quickly as possible, and at a price you can afford. We also support a number of organisations in a volunteer capacity, as we see it as our responsibility to support our community and the families in it.

We encourage you to check out our site – it includes various examples of our work and IP that will assist you in deciding whether or not we are the right service to help you and your organisation.

Feel free to drop us a line and ask us any questions on our Contact page. We look forwards to hearing from you.